Night Tour

Time required About 3 hours
Cost About ¥3,500
What to take Yourself

Starting out

Your guide comes to pick you up at your lodgings.
Begin by looking for Bonin flying foxes-also known, more accurately, as Bonin fruit bats. The guide takes you to prime spotting locations. The bat's wings, when spread, look like an outstretched sports towel. Look at how the bats hang from the trees, and observe their expressions.

Next, the green pepe.

That's the islander's name for these eerie luminous mushrooms. The Japanese name is yakōtake. The scientific name is Mycena chlorophos. Surprisingly small, and quite strange.

And finally, a look at the starry sky.

A lovely sight. If your neighbor is Japanese, he or she may now start humming a popular Japanese tune from the 60s, "Look Up at the Stars."
What's that thing over there that looks like a cloud? It's the Milky Way! Not something you’d see in Tokyo.
The night sky is as clear as a planetarium.
If you're here between June and August, you may be lucky enough to see the green turtles coming to lay their eggs.

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