In following this plan, please be sure to take into account factors such as the physical condition of those taking part and the ocean conditions.
OgasawaraKaiun cannot be held liable for any accidents that occur during implementation of this model plan.

Active Course

所要時間 7 hours 30 minutes
費用 ¥300 (for a climbing kit) and cost of food and drink
持ちもの Climbing kit, broken in shoes, packed lunch, drink, rainwear, towel, hat, camera
  • This course cannot be followed on a daytrip from Chichijima.
  • It is designed for those confident of their physical strength.
  • It involves climbing from sea level to the summit of Mount Chibusa at 463m.


08:30Prepare things to take.
There are no stores on Hahajima where you can buy packed lunches. Either prepare a lunch at your accommodation before you leave or discuss your needs with the Hahajima Tourist Association. Be sure to take plenty of drinks. Be sure to purchase a climbing kit (300 yen) from the Tourist Association before you leave.

Do "something" with this kit on the summit of Mount Chibusa and return it to the Tourist Association and they will issue you with a commemorative certificate containing your name and the date of your climb. The "something" you do? That's a secret.
09:00Arrive at the starting point for the ascent of Mount Chibusa
The starting point for the ascent is around 5 minutes from the settlement of Motochi and around 15 minutes from the settlement of Shizusawa.
09:15Begin ascent of Mount Chibusa
You can ascend Mount Chibusa either clockwise or counterclockwise, but most people climb it clockwise.

A walking track is provided for your safety, although in several places you will have to negotiate metal ladders, probably due to the steepness of the terrain.
10:00Up you climb
All around you is quiet except for the chirping of birds and the rustling of the wind, as Japanese white-eyes, Japanese bush warblers, Bonin white-eyes (a species found only on Hahajima and designated for special protection), and other birds flutter close by. Along the way you'll see special "bird watering places" where you can pour rainwater that's collected in PET bottles into saucers.

Hahajima is a treasure trove of rare flora including some species that are indigenous to the island, although it also has a sad history. Everywhere on Mount Chibusa you'll see the vestiges of war, including large holes thought to have been made by bombs, the remains of trenches, and the wreckage of machine guns.
10:45Rest at your discretion
The rest areas established here and there offer good views. Why not take the opportunity to stop and have a drink while admiring the beautiful scenery visible from Hahajima?
12:00Arrival at the summit!
At the summit there is a lookout from where you can see Chichijima to the north if the weather is fine.

You can see from Sekimonzaki to Okuzure Bay to the east, Meijima, Imotojima, Anejima, Minamizaki, Kofuji, and other territorial islands to the south, and the settlement of Motochi and Oki Port to the west.

Of these views, the one to the east can only be enjoyed from this spot. The color of the ocean in Okuzure Bay should remain in your memory for a long time. At the top is a monument marking the summit of Mount Chibusa at 463m. When you reach this point, you mustn't forget your climbing kit. Don't forget to do the "something" according to the instructions given to you by the staff at the Tourist Association.
12:15Time to enjoy your packed lunch while savoring the scenery
13:00Begin descent
Mountain climbing doesn't end when you reach the summit. It's only complete once you safely reach the bottom.

Keep your spirits up and enjoy Mount Chibusa to the end. If you still have the time and energy, on the way down you may like to stop off at the Mount Daigensaki lookout.
15:45Arrive at the end point of the descent.
The end point of the descent arrives without warning. Because the walking track is surrounded by trees, one moment all you can hear is the chirping of birds and the rustling of the wind, and then suddenly you hear the sound of cars and your field of vision opens up as you reach the end point of the descent.
16:00Back to the Hahajima Tourist Association
Don't forget to have a certificate issued to mark your ascent of the mountain. Then it's time to call it a day.