In following this plan, please be sure to take into account factors such as the physical condition of those taking part and the ocean conditions.
OgasawaraKaiun cannot be held liable for any accidents that occur during implementation of this model plan.

Model sightseeing plan
Family Course

Time required Easy 7 hours
Cost Round-trip bus fare of 400 yen (adults) and cost of food and drink
What to take Swimming suit, towel
  • The times in the schedule below are examples for those traveling by bus. The same schedule may be followed if using a rental car or other vehicle.


09:00Depart accommodation
Wander through the town in the direction of the Ogasawara Visitor Center. Inside the Visitor Center there are displays with information about the history and natural environment of Ogasawara. If you have any questions, just ask the staff.
10:25At Mura Yakuba Mae bus stop, board a village bus for Kominato.
If you tell the driver you want to go to the Marine Center, he will drop you off nearby (get off at around 10:30).
10:35Arrive at the Ogasawara Marine Center.
At this facility they shelter and breed green turtles as well as provide environmental education. You can look around the center for free and watch the tiny baby turtles swimming around.
11:49Board a village bus.
Wait for the village bus on the opposite side of the road at the spot where you were dropped off earlier. Signal the driver by raising your hand when the bus approaches and the driver will stop.
11:54Get off at Ao-todai Iriguchi bus stop. Lunchtime!
Either eat at a restaurant by the bus stop or buy a packed lunch and enjoy eating it on the beach.
13:00Swim in the ocean at Ohmura Beach ~ Rest at Gegege House
For visitors with young children, a relaxing swim in the ocean at Ohmura Beach, which is blanketed with coral dust, is recommended. If you're tired, head to Gegege House for a nap.
Make sure you guard against sunburn. The sun in Ogasawara is strong, so you'll burn more easily than normal.
15:00A relaxing stroll to the Post Office
Why not take the opportunity to send a postcard to your friends or acquaintances back in your country ? Email is fine, but this is an outlying group of islands 1,000 kilometers from mainland Japan. If you bring your mail here by 17:00 on a weekday the staff will imprint a special Ogasawara Post Office tourist (landscape) postmark on it for you.
16:00Look for souvenirs as you head back to your accommodation.
Make sure you visit the street just behind the main street. It's lined with colorful general stores with a tropical feel.
Ogasawara Village Bus Terminal
04998-2-3988 (Make sure to ring them to check the bus times)

Ogasawara Post Office