In following this plan, please be sure to take into account factors such as the physical condition of those taking part and the ocean conditions.
OgasawaraKaiun cannot be held liable for any accidents that occur during implementation of this model plan.

Leisurely Course

Time required Around 8 hours 10 minutes (including the time spent on the Hahajima Maru getting to and back from the island)
Cost Round-trip fare on Hahajima Maru (changes from month to month), cost of packed lunch and drink
What to take Packed lunch, drink, towel, hat, rainwear, etc.
  • There are no places that sell packed lunches on Hahajima, so make sure you bring one from Chichijima.
  • This course is based on a daytrip from Chichijima.


07:30Depart Chichijima on the
Hahajima Maru bound for Hahajima
Head out onto the deck and enjoy the view.
Friendly Brown Boobies will close in and look directly at you as if they find you of great interest, and occasionally dolphins and green turtles will accompany the ferry out of the harbor.

From January through April, there's every chance you'll encounter humpback whales.
09:40Arrive at Oki Port on Hahajima. To Kiyomigaoka Limestone Cave
At the Ogasawara Hahajima Tourist Association at the Oki Port Passenger Terminal, mention that you want to go to the Kiyomigaoka Limestone Cave and they will lend you a helmet. It's time to set off! It's a cozy little cave.

Don't forget to take a photo of yourself wearing your helmet in front of the cave. When you've finished, return the helmet to the Tourist Association.
10:30To Wakihama Nagisa Park via Club Noah Hahajima
Our next stop is Club Noah Hahajima. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to see some protected baby green turtles.
10:35Arrive at Wakihama Nagisa Park
In around May, dozens of whitetip reef sharks gather in the shallows here. These sharks are extremely docile so don't worry. In one corner of the bay is the [Sea Turtle Spawning Sanctuary?] where parent turtles are protected during the spawning season.
10:50Continue walking to the Samegasaki Observatory
Relax while enjoying panoramic views of the endless expanse of the horizon and the nearby territorial islands including Mukojima and Tairajima.
During the whale-watching season you can also view humpback whales.
11:15Take the walking track back to the settlement of Motochi
If you cast your eyes in the direction of the chirping you may see the Bonin white-eye, a rare species designated for special protection.
11:45Climb Mount Shokensaki and lunch.
The mountain only takes 20-30 minutes to climb, but there are some rather steep sections along the way. From the summit you can see the settlements of Motochi and Shizusawa, Oki Port, and the Hahajima Maru lying in the harbor.
12:30To the Rolfs Memorial Hall.
A small museum made of the island's native Rolfs stone. Inside there are exhibits of precious old photographs and artifacts, offering visitors an insight into the history and culture of Hahajima.
13:00To Tsukigaoka Shrine
Close to the Passenger Terminal there are some steps that lead to a small Shinto shrine. Behind the shrine is a trail that leads through a forest, where you can sometimes see the specially protected Bonin white-eye.
14:00Board the Hahajima Maru for the journey back to Chichijima
16:10Arrive at Chichijima