In following this plan, please be sure to take into account factors such as the physical condition of those taking part and the ocean conditions.
OgasawaraKaiun cannot be held liable for any accidents that occur during implementation of this model plan.

Model sightseeing plan
Chichijima Leisurely Course

Time required 7 hours
Cost ¥400 (bus fare) + packed lunch
What to take Swimming suit, three-piece set if available (mask, snorkel, fins), packed lunch, drink, towel


09:30Depart accommodation.
09:40Buy packed lunch, drink, etc.
As there are no stores, vending machines, places to hire beach parasols, and so on at the beaches in Ogasawara, you will need to bring your own food, drink and equipment.
09:50Stop off at the Ogasawaramura Tourist Association.
Your first stop of the morning is the Tourist Association to get the latest information. Which of the beaches have the best sea conditions today? The friendly staff are more than willing to help.
10:25Depart for Sakaiura Beach!
Catch a bus for Sakaiura Beach from Nishi-machi bus stop right next to the Tourist Association. The driver doubles as a bus guide and will make sure you get where you want to go.
10:31Arrive at Sakaiura Beach bus stop.
At the bottom of a rather steep hill is the beach and aqua blue ocean.
10:45Change, warm up, and head into the ocean.
12:00Enjoy your packed lunch (rest) ~ Nap.
Enjoy your packed lunch (rest) ~ Nap.
14:00In the afternoon, try some snorkeling
In the afternoon, try snorkeling out to the sunken wreck of the Hinko Maru. The area around the shipwreck is teeming with fish.
15:30Get ready to go back.
16:04Depart for Sakaiura bus stop.
16:10Arrive at Mura Yakuba Mae bus stop and head back to accommodation
What's for dinner this evening? Locally caught fish and vegetables grown on the island.
Happy dinner time "Itadakimasu!"